Casonic - High Purity Additives
Casonic DHB 80/45 Braugips Lencalcin

DHB 80/45
Braugips Lencalcin

Chemical composition*

H2O bonded as crystal water: ≥ 14,6%

pH value (DIN ISO 787/9): 6,8 – 7,8 log mol/l

Physical-technical properties*

Moisture (DIN ISO 787/2): ≤ 0,5%

Bulk density (DIN 1168): ca. 800 g/l

Brightness (DIN 53163): ≥ 80% (specification Ry)

Grain size distribution (Mesh plus according to DIN 4188):
0,040 mm ≤ 5,0%
0,090 mm ≤ 0,11%

Storage: Approx. 12 month, store dry


Technical data sheet | Safety data sheet

* All details are carefully determined average values. Due to the natural origin of the raw materials small deviations are possible. All tolerance details are given as standard deviation.

Calcium sulphate dihydrate (CaSO4·2H2O) of constant degree of purity. Produced from carefully selected natural gypsums. Without additives. Homogeneous, powdery mineral of the finest rinding. Optimum grading curve for employment as brewing gypsum in beer production and for other branches with special requirements on water hardness and/or water conditioning.

Highest quality for:

  • Residual alkalinity technically favourable regulation of the residual alkalinity in brew water
  • Oxalic turbidity avoidance of oxalate turbidity as result of calcium deficiency
  • Corrosion protection setting of a minimum concentration of calcium in the water, which ensures the corrosion protection in pipe systems
  • Permanent hardness raising of the permanent hardness of water into the trouble-free range

Casonic Braugips Lencalcin is a very efficient and particularly economic alternative to other processes of water treatment, for instance using calcium chloride. Through its extremely fine grinding there results an extraordinarily large specific surface, which guarantees optimum yield and efficiency.

Casonic Braugips Lencalcin corresponds with the [German] Ordinance (EG) No. 1333/2008 about food additives. Further test certificates are available.